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  • HuskeeCup + Plant Wax Vegan Foodwrap Bundle

    Plant Wax Vegan Foodwrap

    My Humble Eath's vegan wax wraps, come in a set of 3 randomly selected patterns. These wraps make an amazing alternative to traditional plastic cling wraps.

    These wraps are sustainably made, non-toxic, and are 100% compostable, made with natural ingredients.

    Each wrap is created with 100% cotton, organic candelilla, soy wax, natural coconut oil, and tree resin.


    • Small (20cm x 20cm)
    •  Medium (30cm x 30cm)
    •  Large (40xm x 40cm)

    Care Instructions:
    Please wash wraps with a very soft sponge and mild soap in cold water.

    Also please note that these wraps cannot be used on meat or fish products, due to a risk of cross-contamination. For an alternative, My Humble Earth's ziplock bags, available on our website, provide a great option for storing such products.


    HuskeeCup locks neatly and securely with our sustainable Universal Saucer. We’ve designed a ‘valley’ in the base of each cup which nests into the ‘hill’ in the middle of the saucer. As a result, this makes serving coffee simple! This hill and valley system is also reminiscent of the cup's origin in the mountains of Yunnan, China.

    Huskee’s Universal Lid features a triangulation of vents on its roof. Which increases the aromatics of your drinking experience, whilst also enabling the ideal pour rate.