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  • Trade In Program

    What is the Trade In Program

    We are offering the opportunity to trade your sustainable and reusable products in exchange for in store credit which can be used for your next order. The program provides you as a seller the opportunity to offload your unwanted eco-friendly, reusable products which we can utilize and you can use the credit to purchase one of our products instead!  

    How Trade In Program Works 

    Fill out the Trade In Program form below, providing a description of the product and its use. We will endeavor to get back to you shortly asking for further details.  

    We will then decide to approve/disapprove your application and how much store credit we will offer. 

    Ship the product to us and then once received and verify the product we will issue you with the credit! 

    What we are looking for 

    We are only looking only to trade products that are sustainable and reusable. 

    Items that may fit this criteria include (it is possible to send us items not on this list as long as they reusable and sustainable!):

    • Clothes made from recycled fabric
    • Reusable Coffee Cups
    • Reusable Drink Bottles
    • Biodegradable Garden Pots
    • Reusable Straws
    • Reusable Cutlery 
    • Reusable Containers 
    • Reusable Crockery 
    • Tote Bags 
    • Eco-Friendly Candles


    ID is to be required for every application. Dylanth & Co is not responsible for shipping out the products to us.