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  • Glass Boba Straw Set

    Borosilicate glass drinking Bobbleware bubble tea straw!


    Included is a cleaning brush and a velvet straw bag to hold your straw and cleaning brush. The round end has been thicken for breakage prevention

    This straw set will make a perfect addition to your Bobbleware tumbler and is suitable for use for your other beverages. 

    2 sizes available:

    • Regular straw: 22 cm L X 1.5 cm D
    • Long straw: 26 cm L X 1.5 cm D 

    Why Borosilicate Glass Straw? 

    • So easy to clean, you can easily see how spotlessly clean the inside is. 
    • Pleasant mouthfeel to sip through the smooth surface, imagine drinking out of a round-rim glass cup. 
    • No metallic/rubbery after taste;
    • No feeling of metal scrapping against teeth.
    • Clear and transparent so you can see what you're drinking at all times.  
    • Your drink tastes better in glass!


    Please be mindful that glass is still breakable. Kindly exercise standard safety precaution, use it with tender and care like you would with any glassware products.  

    Please rinse with warm water before first use. 

    Hand wash with warm soapy water is preferred however, all Bobbleware products are dishwasher safe. It is recommended to position all accessories on the top rack of the dishwasher. 

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