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  • Bobbleware Reusable Bubble Tea Set 500mL

    Bobbleware is a sustainable borosilicate glass tumbler specially created for bubble tea, smoothies and other beverages on the go. It is designed for your ultimate drinking experience and with the bonus of reducing your carbon footprint.

    • Hot and cold drinks approved.
    • Single leakproof lid, easy to clean.
    • 100% BPA free & toxic free.

    Included in this set is the tumbler and a glass straw set 



    Hand blown borosilicate glass tumbler with a capacity to hold liquids up to 500ml. A silicone cup sleeve sits in the middle for Anti-Slip Protection and the lid is leakproof PP Lid including a silicone stud to store beverages and a placeholder for your reusable straws

    The tumbler measures at 18 cm H x 7.5 cm D. It is a perfect addition to start your reusable cup journey and will sure turn heads at your bubble tea store or café.

    Straw Set:

    The straw is wide enough to be suitable for all toppings for your boba and smoothies. 

    Included within the set is a borosilicate class straw and features a thick round tip to refrain it from breaking

    The straw measures at 22 cm L x 1.5 cm D and comes in a velvet cotton straw bag & cleaning brush.

    Velvet cotton straw bag & cleaning brush included. 


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