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  • 36 NAKED Rolls, Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper.


    Unbleached. Unwrapped.

    * Please note: Regional and remote orders of the naked rolls may be subject to additional shipping rates. For these orders, we will get in contact to to inform you of these rates as soon as possible.*

    For those who want to reduce their environmental impact further… we’re stripping off and getting naked!  The same quality bamboo rolls, with less packaging and zero waste.

    Don't sacrifice quality because you want to save the world.  This is an incredibly soft and strong eco friendly toilet paper, made exclusively from the worlds most sustainable material, bamboo. 

    Feel proud that while you're wiping, you're saving our forests and eco systems, whilst removing unnecessary chemicals from the environment and your home.

    • Relax and check out all our reviews below, for a confident purchase
    • Our 36 rolls = 60 standard rolls.  It's the mother load!
    • 100% bamboo
    • Zero nasties* - protecting you and our planet
    • Zero plastics - in manufacturing and shipping
    • 300 sheets - less roll changing, less fights, less waste!  (regular is 180 sheets) 
    • Dot embossed with a 'grippy' side and smooth side = less wiping = you use less!
    • 3ply that is soft & strong with no poke through!
    • No wraps - less packaging, less waste
    • Hypoallergenic 
    • Biodegradable and septic safe
    • Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
    • Fully recyclable and home compostable packaging 
    • Packaging printed using soy based ink
    • 120% money back guarantee
    • Bundle and save with our paper towel

    * no chlorine bleach, fragrance, inks, dyes, BPA or formaldehyde

    ** Please note as we use no plastic packaging and the rolls aren't individual wraps, there is a chance some rolls may get a little scuffed during transit.

    ** Our courier collection days are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  Orders will be processed and sent on the following shipping day.