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  • T2 Five - Global Nomad

    Net Weight 160g/5.6oz
    Wake up to where you’d rather be with five worldly brews! Each tea captures the essence of the city that inspired it, whisking you away with a single sip. A must-have for all your globe-trotting tea sippers!
    Contains: 5 x Loose Leaf Tea Mini Cubes

    Dimensions: 6.6cm x 23.4cm x 15.5cm

    English Breakfast: Black tea.
    Irish Breakfast: Black tea.
    Melbourne Breakfast: Black tea, natural and artificial vanilla flavouring.
    New York Breakfast: Black tea, cinnamon, natural and artificial flavouring, vanilla.
    Singapore Breakfast: Black tea, gen mai cha (green tea, roasted rice), coconut chips (coconut, cane sugar), natural and artificial flavouring.
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