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  • Genmaicha Roasted Rice Green Tea Powder

    This Genmaicha Roasted Rice Green Tea powder is from the 2020 Autumn Tea Harvest and originates from Sencha tea leaves grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, Central Honshu, Japan. 

    The tea is naturally low in caffeine, a perfect alternative if you're looking for low caffeine drink. The powder is green in colour, with pleasant roasted rice notes. This tea is also rich in flavour and smooth to drink with no hint of astringency. 

    This tea is shipped in Eco-friendly Home Compostable Packaging sourced from EconicThe Product Label is also home compostable, sourced form Black Rainbow Printing.

    Serving Size

    30g: 15 serves = $0.99 per serve 

     70g: 30 serves = $0.83 per serve 

    Based on 1/2 teaspoons (approx 2 grams) per serve

    Please note: It is possible to get more serves than the approximate, it all depends on own preference as to how much tea to use. 

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