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  • July 07, 2021 2 min read

    Our Purpose 

    Our purpose is to reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth and employ sustainable and reusable goods for the benefit of the world. One step at a time, our focus is to provide the Australian community with easily accessible, affordable, sustainable and reusable goods to incorporate into their everyday lives.

    Globally only 10-15% of plastics are currently being recycled, whereby the other 85-90% end up in landfills or littered across the Earth - Forbes. The reality is, that action is needed to reduce our impact otherwise we will see catastrophic consequences in the near future. Swearing by our mission statement, we believe a solution to this problem is through the use and promotion of sustainable and reusable goods. We want to see a greener change in the world and we do that by providing a hub for the Australian community access to clean and responsible brands that can help incorporate this change. 


    What do we sell?

    At Dylanth & Co, we strive to provide the Australian community a hub to which they can readily access sustainable and eco-friendly everyday essentials for their home and for when they are on the go. We specialize in providing reusable cups and drink bottles, tea and coffee, kitchenware, and travel ware.


    The aim in regard to being a hub is that we provide a platform for Australians to connect with local Australian brands and Australian-made products, as well as to provide another avenue for Australians to purchase sustainable and eco-friendly products to compliment their environmentally-conscious lifestyles. 


    Impact of our products

    We diligently and selectively choose certain brands that we work with. Staying true to our values and our community. We must ensure brands we work with communicate transparency and incorporate eco-friendly production methods. Our products will not end our waste problem. We can’t consume our way to a more sustainable Earth. Instead our imposed impact of our products is to incentivise our community to include more reusable products into their lifestyles and to challenge the continuous consumption of single plastics and wasteful lifestyles. We strongly believe in giving back, once we’ve overcome the initial ‘set up’ phase we plan to donate a percentage of our profits to high-impact organisations committed to helping the Earth. 


    Core Values

    1. Sustainable Living

    To provide Australians with ecologically sustainable products to better preserve the biodiversity of our ecosystems.

    2. Transparency

    To provide our community with honest, precise, and transparent information about our products and their relative services that go hand-in-hand.

    3. To Inspire

    To inspire and provide solutions to environmental concerns globally and to inspire our community to support local Australian businesses that employ socially responsible practices.